Brighten Your Smile

Brighten Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry, Lititz, PA Are you looking for a way to help brighten your smile for the summer?

Your smile is usually one of the first things another person notices. Maintaining a bright, healthy looking smile should be a priority to any patient. Cosmetic dentists Dr. John Gotwalt and Dr. Sara Gotwalt of Lititz, PA is committed to helping patients achieve a functional, beautiful looking smile. Drs. Gotwalt offer a variety of cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry services to help patients maintain a beautiful smile. However, there is tips and tricks patients can follow to help improve the aesthetic and health of their teeth.

Tips To Brighten Your Smile

Try teeth whitening treatments. Dr. Gotwalt offers both at home and in office teeth whitening kits for your convenience. Dr. Gotwalt uses Opalescence at home teeth whitening kits for patients who want to brighten their teeth in the comfort of their own home. At home teeth whitening treatments requires patients to visit our Lititz dentist office to get fitted for personalized dental trays.  At home teeth, whitening can be convenient, easy, and quick for patients on the go. At your consultation, Dr. Gotwalt will perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth to determine which system is best for you.

For in office teeth whitening, Dr. Gotwalt uses KoR teeth whitening to help patients achieve their desired results. In just a little over an hour, your teeth can be brightened up to 16 shades.

Avoid eating or drinking foods with high acidity or foods or drinks that can stain your enamel. Foods with high acidity can damage your tooth enamel over time if not properly cleaned. This can weaken your enamel over time and leave it more prone to stains and yellowing of the teeth. Make sure you properly clean your teeth if you come into contact with foods and drinks that can stain your teeth.

Stop smoking. Smoking can increase your chance of developing tooth decay and gum disease. Excessive tobacco use can also stain your teeth over time. Try to cut out smoking to improve the health of your teeth, as well as your body.

Develop a proper oral hygiene routine.  Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine can help patients achieve a brighter, healthier smile. Following a good oral hygiene routine also minimizes that chance of developing tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. If you aren’t sure if you’re using the right products, or you’re not sure if your brushing or flossing correctly, feel free to discuss your oral hygiene routine with Dr. Gotwalt.

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