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Dr. John and Dr. Sara Gotwalt offer comprehensive family dental services in a warm, compassionate environment where the individual needs of each patient are the center of their dentistry. Located in Lititz, Drs. Gotwalt serve patients from Schaefferstown and many local communities.

As your family dentist, Drs. Gotwalt and their staff seek to establish a lasting partnership in your overall healthcare and take the time to get to know your, your oral health concerns and medical history. Patients of ALL ages are welcomed and they provide with wide range of dental services that will keep everyone’s smile healthy and functional.

Disease Prevention for Healthy Smiles

The foundation of preventive dental care in our Schaefferstown area dentist office is disease prevention– avoiding complex dental problems through routine dentistry and good oral hygiene. When you visit with Dr. John or Dr. Sara Gotwalt, you receive a comprehensive evaluation of your dental health, including the function of your jaw joints and bite. Identifying any underlying dental problems is the key to dentistry that will not only last, but provide a comfortable smile.

We will also provide personalized oral hygiene advice to address any recurring dental concerns such as gum disease. This may include additional visits for professional cleanings or the use of antibacterial rinses to reduce harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Cavity Prevention in Children

Tooth decay and cavities are one of the most common childhood diseases- and one that is easily preventable with routine dental care and good oral hygiene. Drs. Gotwalt recommend bringing your child in for their first dental visit by the age of 3- and earlier if there are any concerns. The earlier children make good oral hygiene a daily habit, the more likely they will continue to care for their smile diligently as adults.

Children’s Dental Services in Schaefferstown

Enhancing Your Smile

For patients who desire to enhance the appearance of their natural smile, Drs. Gotwalt offer a range of cosmetic dental treatments and procedures that can address your unique concerns and goals. Cosmetic dentistry can also improve your overall dental health in many ways, helping you to enjoy the best possible quality of life each day. Cosmetic treatment options can include:

Dr. John or Dr. Sara Gotwalt will consult with you before recommending the best treatment option to meet your specific needs and long term goals. Keeping your smile looking its best not only boosts your confidence but can serve as the inspiration to maintain optimal oral health.


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