Common Questions About Dental Crowns

Do you have a damaged tooth? Is tooth wear making it difficult to bite and chew comfortably? Try a dental crown. Dental crowns are restorations that fully cover and protect teeth. We color-match dental crowns to natural teeth for a seamless end result. Our dentists encourage patients to ask questions about their oral health concerns and treatment options. Here we will answer questions about crowns and dental crown treatment in our Lititz, PA, dental office.

Dental Crowns in Lititz, Pennsylvania

Dental Crown FAQs in Lititz, PA

Tooth crowns are one of the strongest restorations for patients with worn and damaged teeth. Learn more about dental crowns and treatment with crowns with answers to these popular questions:

Do dental crowns look like natural teeth?

Because our dental crowns are porcelain, they have a natural sheen. We can match porcelain or composite materials to blend in with the shade of natural teeth and blend in with the smile. After treatment, many patients find their crowns do not stand out from their natural teeth.

Can I eat normally with a crown?

After you receive a permanent dental crown, you should be able to bite as you would with normal teeth. There are no dietary restrictions for patients 24 hours after we place their crowns. In addition, the crown can provide support just like natural teeth for an even, balanced bite.

Why do I need a tooth crown after a dental filling?

We will often recommend a dental crown for a patient who requires a dental filling or root canal treatment. If patients have extensive decay and tooth wear, a dental crown can provide strength for the natural tooth. Crowns can also create an even bite and prevent problems like TMJ disorders.

Can food get stuck under a crown?

If a dental crown is not designed correctly, it can create an open space where food can collect. Old loose crowns can also create this space. If you have an old crown that does not fit properly, please contact our office. Food can get stuck under the loose crown, and you can develop tooth decay or gum disease as a result. Additionally, restorations like dental crowns should have a perfect fit so there is no chance of harmful bacteria affecting the bone or gum tissue.

Are you interested in a dental crown? Do you have any more questions about dental crowns for our office? Please call our dental office today at [new_patient_phone_span]. You can also schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Sara Gotwalt on our website.


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