Beat The Flu With Oral Hygiene

Beat The Flu With Oral HygieneCold and flu season is here. Do you know how your oral health and hygiene plays a role in getting sick and getting better? The oral – body connection may have a substantial impact on our health. Lititz, PA dentists Dr. John Gotwalt and Dr. Sara Gotwalt offer some advice on how to beat the flu this winter by taking care of your gums and teeth.

Toothbrush Care

  • Never share your toothbrush! Keep your germs to yourself.
  • Store your toothbrush bristle side up, in open-air, away from others, and 6ft from the toilet to avoid bacteria build up.
  • Replace your toothbrush after you are feeling better or after others in the house have been sick.

Self Care Hygiene

  • Maintain your oral hygiene routine. Brush twice a day and floss once for optimal oral health.
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, and wash your hands frequently.
  • If you vomit, wait 30 minutes to brush your teeth. Instead try swishing with 1tsp. Baking soda and water to rinse away the acid.

Sugar Free Hydration

  • Stay hydrated to avoid dry mouth, which can lead to tooth decay.
  • Drink plenty of water, water can help wash away bacteria and plaque and keeps your body functioning to fight off your germs.
  • Avoid sugary juices, sports drinks or soda. Sugary beverages increase your risk of developing tooth decay.

Our Lititz dentist office wants all of our patients to maintain their best oral health this winter. Schedule your preventative care dentist office visit for a professional dental cleaning for a fresh and clean smile. Our family dentists offer a full range of cosmetic, restorative and family dentistry and state of the art dental technology so you can enjoy your optimal oral health.


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