Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity treatment in Lititz, PADo you often find it difficult to eat hot soup, or bite into an ice cream cone? Do your teeth hurt when switching from hot to cold foods or beverages? You may have sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth can be treated by your dentist and should not be ignored. There are dental treatments that may make your teeth less sensitive so you can enjoy eating without pain. Lititz dentists Dr. John Gotwalt and Dr. Sara Gotwalt offer some advice on reducing tooth sensitivity.

What Causes My Tooth Sensitivity?

Before we talk about how to treat your sensitive teeth, let us discuss why your teeth may be sensitive. Our teeth have a center made of dentin. Dentin is filled with small nerve endings that are protected by the outer enamel layer. When the enamel becomes too thin, the dentin is exposed, leaving your nerve endings exposed to temperature changes.

Throughout our lives enamel begins to wear away for many different reasons. Tooth decay, wear from grinding your teeth, or erosion from highly acidic foods and beverage can all wear away the enamel of your tooth. Some patients may experience sensitivity in their teeth after dental treatments. Sensitivity resulting from dental treatments is common but should be temporary.

How Can I Reduce the Sensitivity in My Teeth?

So, what to do? Every patient comes to our Lititz dentist office with a unique set of dental concerns and oral health needs. Our dental care team will take the time to conduct a thorough oral health exam and spend time listening to each patient’s specific dental health concerns. Drs. Gotwalt will build an individualized dental treatment plan to achieve your optimal oral health.

There are over the counter products that may help reduce sensitivity. Toothpastes and mouthwashes marketed to reduce sensitivity help block the sensitivity sensation. Though some patients may find some relief from these products, we encourage visiting our Lititz dentist office to find the cause and proper treatment for your tooth sensitivity.

Dental crowns can be used to treat a sensitive tooth. Drs. Gotwalt offers custom fit dental crowns. Using the latest in dental materials dental crowns look realistic and feel comfortable. Dental crowns are a durable and lasting dental treatment that can be cared for and used like a natural tooth.

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