Don’t Let Fear Keep You From the Dentist

Dental fear and anxiety are complex. Patients may avoid the dentist due to a fear of pain, trauma from past dentist visits, or a fear of loud noises or dental tools. Patients may also be embarrassed if they have avoided the dentist for years and have a dental problem they do not want to face. As your trusted dentist office in Lititz, PA, we’re here to help you get the dental care you need if you have dental fear or anxiety. Avoiding the dentist can potentially increase your risk of developing more complex dental issues that need more care.

Don't Let Fear Keep You From the Dentist

The Importance of Patient Education

Patients who do not understand their treatment or dental problems may be even more afraid of visiting the dentist. We’re here to help explain your treatment and assuage any fear of the unknown. For many patients, a poor understanding of what goes into their treatment can exacerbate or even cause fear surrounding the dentist and dental visits.

Our compassionate office staff and dentists are always happy to explain your treatment and answer any questions you may have. We will discuss your oral health and establish a treatment plan for your needs and comfort level. In addition, we will describe each step of your treatment and provide pre and post-treatment instructions so you can prepare and heal comfortably. Our team wants you to feel comfortable knowing what to expect when you visit our dental office.

Compassionate Care From Your Lititz, PA Dentist Office

The environment and the team who provides care for you can make a huge difference in your anxiety levels surrounding dental visits. Our friendly dentists and office staff know that it can be difficult for some to visit the dentist. Their approach to care prioritizes comfort; if a patient is ever wary about treatment or wants them to stop, they will stop.

We want to ensure patient comfort; our team always uses a gentle touch when working with patients. Our office also offers dental sedation for patients who require more extensive or lengthy procedures. Dental sedation is safe for patients, and we will recommend the best sedation method for you based on your age and medical history. Under dental sedation, you will feel no pain, and you will also feel calm and relaxed.

Additionally, you can bring music to listen to during your treatment, and a loved one can accompany you to your visit. We want to make your experience in our office positive.

If you are a current patient but haven’t been to our office in years, call 717-627-6980. We can coordinate your care and help address any current dental problems. Please let us know if you have any questions or require further accommodation.


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