Why Do My Teeth Feel Fuzzy?

If you run your tongue on your teeth and they feel fuzzy, that means you could have plaque and tartar on your teeth. Plaque is a buildup created from harmful bacteria that feed on sugar and starches left in the mouth. Over time, plaque can harden to form tartar and can be more difficult to remove. As your local dentist in Lititz, PA, we want you to stay informed on your dental problems and how to solve them at home and in our office.

Why Do My Teeth Feel Fuzzy?

Oral Health Tips from Your Lititz, PA Dentist

Fuzzy teeth can feel strange and uncomfortable. You may have a fuzzy feeling on your teeth if you haven’t brushed your teeth in a while, especially when you wake up in the morning. To help mitigate fuzzy teeth, you can:

Decrease Your Sugar Intake

Harmful bacteria that create plaque and tartar feed on sugars, creating digestive acids that eventually break down the tooth enamel or irritate the gum tissue. Bacteria gather on the surface of the teeth, creating a sticky film. Fuzzy teeth are a result of this bacterial buildup. Decreasing your sugar intake and staying on top of your oral hygiene routine can eliminate that feeling in your teeth.

Look Out for Foods with Oxalic Acid

Some foods contain oxalic acid, a compound found in leafy greens, almonds, chocolate, bananas, and other foods. Oxalic acid can create a gritty or chalky feeling on the tooth enamel. While you can enjoy these foods, they may leave this feeling on the teeth. Ensure that you hydrate and brush your teeth after eating these foods.

Brush and Floss

It may seem simple, but brushing and flossing twice a day can eliminate the fuzzy feeling on your teeth. This feeling is prevalent after eating certain foods or waking up after hours of sleep. While many patients may skip flossing and only brush their teeth, flossing can be an important part of a good oral hygiene routine. Flossing can remove food debris and harmful bacteria between teeth. Then, brushing after flossing will create a more thorough clean.

Visit the Dentist

We recommend that patients visit us biannually or every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. Our dental hygienists provide thorough cleanings using scalers to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums. Regular cleanings can eliminate a fuzzy or gritty feeling on the teeth. We will also examine your smile to ensure you’re in good oral health and do not have chronic gum disease problems or cavities.

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